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Сообщение small tiger » 15 сен 2008, 23:53

As I see last season you were the "reserve team" of Lokomotiv Bielgorod and played in Vyzsha Liga and were promoted to Superliga.
But I also know that Старый Оскол is probably another city - so this club which now will play in Superliga is from Bielgorod or Старый Оскол?

One more ask- can you tell me something more about your players? Which one is most talented because I see you will play mostly with quite young players
And what are your expecttion for this season- you unfortunately seems to be weak
Связующие: С.Багрей, А.Репкин
Доигровщики: Д.Бирюков, Д.Ильиных, Д.Красиков, А.Фоменко
Диагональные: С.Баранов, П.Афонин
Центральные: О.Сычев, А.Смоляр, А.Нырцов, Д.Мусэрский
Либеро: Г.Кашицын
Is that your squad for this season? Any changes?